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Doncaster Health Visitors – Antenatal parenting classes

Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby

Doncaster Health Visiting antenatal classes take place consequently over five weeks in venues across the Doncaster region. The classes are available to all pregnant women, their partner and supporter. If you’re interested in attending ask your health visitor for details or your Family Hub.

The five classes include

  1. Helping you and your baby through pregnancy and birth
  2. Getting to know your baby in the womb
  3. You, your baby and the stages of labour
  4. Helping you and your baby through labour and birth
  5. Feeding your baby

For further information call 01302 566766 or see the Doncaster Health Visitors website 

CMD Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is using the wonderful state of hypnosis to enable us to enter into our sub-conscious mind. We can then change any negative or unwanted beliefs in to the opposite, helping you to overcome fears, addictions, emotional and even physical pain.

Speak to Chloe about Hypnobirthing on 07525 475252


NCT Doncaster branch courses

NCT Essentials antenatal courses in Doncaster.

Over 12 hours, 10 hours antenatally plus a two hour reunion, the NCT Essentials antenatal course will provide you with information and emotional support on pregnancy, birth and caring for your baby. You will come away clearer about what is right for you and your new family.

01/10/2018 – 29/10/2018 at the Ramada Encore (for mid November to December 2018 due dates)

12/11/2018 – 10/12/2018 at the Ramada Encore (for January to mid February 2019 due dates)

17/12/2018 – 28/01/2018 at the Ramada Encore (for mid February to end March 2019 due dates)

04/02/2018 – 11/03/2018 at the Ramada Encore (for due dates throughout April to mid May 2019)

See the NCT Doncaster facebook page or  the NCT Website


Tranquil mind hypnotherapy

Hypnobirthing classes for parents wanting to feel more in control of their birth experience. Hypnotherapy sessions to help you ‘live life happy’.

Appointments available in Epworth, Doncaster and Rothwell

Taster Sessions available.

Contact Liz on 07949 651247