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Daisy Doula

What is a Doula? 

Doulas support the whole family to have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby

Christine from Daisy Doula offers a full range of services ranging from prenatal, through to birth and postnatal support.

Prenatal and birthing support

  • Working out a birthing plan so that you get the birth you want
  • Accompanying you to anti natal classes
  • Help you to know your rights and make informed choices
  • To support you and your partner during the birth
  • To help you stay as relaxed as possible

Postnatal support 

  • Offering practical and emotional support after the birth
  • Help with chores around the house
  • Look after your baby while you sleep, shower, eat etc

Additional support 

  • I am a fully qualified massage therapist
  • I offer anti-ageing skin treatments
  • I teach stress and traumatic emotion relieving techniques

For more information, call Chrissie on 07931 778514