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Visitor Guidance for Maternity Wards in Doncaster & Bassetlaw : Update 10th September

Updated 10th September 2020
Visiting guidance for maternity wards
  • Antenatal ward – Women admitted for an antenatal stay or to commence the Induction of labour process, birth partners can have a pre-arranged two hour visiting slot daily.
  •  Postnatal ward – Mothers and babies who need to be transferred for ongoing care or after Caesarian Section, birth partner can stay on the Postnatal ward for two hours after transfer from CDS or theatre OR can go home and revisit on a pre-arranged 2 hour visiting slot daily.​
  •  Please note, all visiting slots must be pre-arranged with ward staff.
  •  No more than two visitors in a four bedded bay at any one time.
  •  All visitors must wear a mask, have their temperature checked and covid questionnaire completed prior to entry to the wards or CDS.
  • Visitors are requested to remain in the woman’s bed space at all times.
  • Please note there is no visiting on day of discharge.

Visit the DBTH website 

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Doncaster Maternity Voices Partnership – Have your say

Doncaster Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a friendly group of parents, their families and health care professionals, who work together to shape, develop and improve Maternity Services in Doncaster. It is a way for mothers, fathers and partners to share their experiences, knowledge and skills to build developments to local maternity services.

At the start of 2020, you would have found our dedicated team of health care professionals (commissioners and midwives) out and about in the community collecting feedback from families about their experiences of using the local maternity services. Since restrictions and social distancing measures came into place in early March, this has been moved onto a digital platform. You can now access our MVP and information about what we do via the facebook page as well as online surveys and some fantastic groups for parents shared on the Doncaster Mumbler website.

You can find us on Facebook by searching for ‘Doncaster and Bassetlaw Maternity Voices’ or clicking here

Find out more about how to join the Maternity Voices Partnership HERE

Daisy Doula

What is a Doula? 

Doulas support the whole family to have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby

Christine from Daisy Doula offers a full range of services ranging from prenatal, through to birth and postnatal support.

Prenatal and birthing support

  • Working out a birthing plan so that you get the birth you want
  • Accompanying you to anti natal classes
  • Help you to know your rights and make informed choices
  • To support you and your partner during the birth
  • To help you stay as relaxed as possible

Postnatal support 

  • Offering practical and emotional support after the birth
  • Help with chores around the house
  • Look after your baby while you sleep, shower, eat etc

Additional support 

  • I am a fully qualified massage therapist
  • I offer anti-ageing skin treatments
  • I teach stress and traumatic emotion relieving techniques

For more information, call Chrissie on 07931 778514