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Doncaster Art Fair & Paint Me a Masterpeice (Children’s Art Project)

June 30, 2019

Doncaster Emerging and Professional art fair aims to celebrate and promote the works of visual artists in the region and beyond. Taking place in the heart of Doncaster, there will be over 30 established and emerging artists participating in the event which takes place across several unusual venues with great quirky spaces.

The artworks will be displayed and presented by each artist in a format of their own choosing. This presents a great opportunity for artists to engage directly with their buying public.

Paint Me a Masterpeice – Rum Rooms 

Paint Me a Masterpiece is a brand-new children’s art project designed to put your child in the shoes of a famous artist for a day as well as join the exciting world of art exhibitions.

Come along on the day (The Rum Rooms behind the Mason’s arm. Doncaster town centre)

The artist (your child) along with other artists (other children) on the program will be introduced to 3 world famous artists and their works briefly.

They will choose which famous artist they want to be for the day.

They will then choose one artwork from their selected famous artist.

They will be given a set of art material and they will produce a painting or illustration inspired by their chosen artist and their art work. They have 1 hour to do this.

Each group of children will be mentored by a professional/emerging artist who will ensure that they produce their work to as high a standard as possible. At least one parent has to be around. 

At the end of the session, the children will sign their artworks and decide the value of their work for sale.

The works of all the children will be exhibited at the Doncaster corn exchange for one month.

There will be a private view where the children will invite friends and family to attend the opening of their exhibition.

Cost £10  – Book here 


June 30, 2019