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Please be aware; this is purely a listing service. None of the child carers or their qualifications have been checked out or verified by  Doncaster Mumbler. Doncaster Mumbler does not endorse or recommend any of these child carers and parents are required to make their own enquiries and check references. Please see our full terms and conditions. Contact us here if you are a nursery, preschool, childminder, nanny or babysitter and would like to be included in this listing.

Childcare Options: 

Private Day Nurseries. These are OFSTED registered privately run nurseries which usually offer a variety of different sessions. Usually they are open from 8am to 6pm although some may do extended hours, and are open throughout the year other than public holidays.

Pre-Schools usually offer sessional care for children from the age of 2 to 5. They often work only in term-time, and in most cases offer funded provision for 3 and 4 year olds. They will be OFSTED registered and you can usual pay for top up sessions if you need more than the funded sessions. These are often but not always attached to a pre-school although attendance does not guarantee a place at the primary school.

Registered Childminders These are OFSTED regulated childcare professionals who look after children in their own home. They are usually flexible and may be able to offer school drop offs and pick ups. Hours will vary however most will do at least 8.30am-5.30pm.

Nannies & Baby Sitters. These carers are not necessarily OFSTED registered and would look after your children in your own home. Prices and experience varies greatly so do your research and get recommendations from people that you know well.

Featured Listing

Stadium Stars Day Nursery

Childcare provision for children aged 3 months to 5 years, located at the home of Doncaster Rovers Football Club, at the Keepmoat Stadium.

Part of the Townrow Tiny Tots Day Nursery Ltd Business, we provide childcare provision for children aged 3 months old up to 5 years old.

Call today to secure a place for your child

01302 590 880 / 07754 422017

Visit Website
Keepmoat Stadium, Car Park 2, Entrance 16 through Alicks Bar.

Ample parking space is available at the site for flexible dropping off and picking up. The site is secured with keycode panels throughout and the building offers CCTV indoors and outdoors.

“Resiliant good staff and non judgemental” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Big Yellow Door Nursery

Blyth Road, Ranby, Retford, DN22 8HX

07738 911375

Building Blocks Montessori and Day Nursery

Richmond Business Park, Sidings Court, Lakeside, Doncaster, DN4 5JB

01302 343040

“They don’t just tell you about whether they can count etc…they know your child inside and out and care just as deeply as you do about them. We all cried when she went to full time school and had to leave…..but our 2yr old was there from 10months old (we took her out for a yr due to different working patterns meaning we didn’t need childcare) but we have just put her back in part time and she counts down the days till it is a nursery day.” AL Doncaster Mumbler Chat Group June 2019

“They offered extra settling in sessions etc and are happy to hold her as much as she needs it! It’s a big decision but they are all very good, I like that it is purpose built, with good outside areas and a good mix of staff.” NB Doncaster Mumbler Chat Group June 2019

“Supported my 1 year old during this unpredictable times” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Buttons Day Nursery Ltd – Edlington

Buttons is a 60 place nursery based in Edlingon, rated Outstanding by Ofsted in Feb 16.

Buttons also provides out of school clubs for children aged 3-12 years at Hill Top School and Warmsworth Primary School.

Edlington Lane, Doncaster
01709 866488

Coneygarth Farm Day Nursery

Turbary Road, Haxey, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN9 2JH

Tel: 01427 753173

“A beautiful setting with amazing staff, who have achieved an outstanding Ofsted report” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Flying Start

Flying Start Day Nursery can offer the very highest quality child care in a stable and caring environment which will allow each child to develop to their full potential.

Our purpose-built nursery is situated on the edge of the exciting new development at Robin Hood Airport in the village of Finningley near Doncaster

No 9 Second Avenue, Robin Hood Airport, Finningley Nr Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN9 3GB

01302 802070

“I can thoroughly recommend them. Our little girl started when she was a little over 1 years old and absolutely loves it. She may only go one day a week, but it’s done her wonders in advancement and learning.
And the staff are so friendly too.” ER Doncaster Mumbler Chat Group June 2019

“My 20 month old has severe disabilities & has been going to Flying Start since he turned 1…. they are absolutely wonderful with him, have made so much extra effort & adjustments to help him & her only goes 1 day a week at the moment. He’s progressed massively since being there & he adores going. They’ve given me the confidence to be able to leave him in someone else’s care & I’d use them again in s heartbeat. Thoroughly recommend to anyone!!!!! ” HT Doncaster Mumbler Chat Group June 2019

“Everyone is so friendly but also good at their job. I can’t believe the difference since the new manager took over last year. Obviously everyone’s had a tough time with Covid but the directors were fab and keeping everyone informed and updated. They’ve been so helpful settling the children back in, even put some videos together on tapestry to show the kids at home to prepare them. All through them being closed they shared fun activities to do at home. Fab, fab fab!” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination


Growing Wild Outdoor Nursery

Growing Wild is the first outdoor nursery in Barnsley. They offer a unique outdoor learning experience, where children can have adventures every day and experience all that nature can teach them, in a happy, secure environment.

Open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, providing childcare fr 2 to 5 year olds.

07738 156217



Happy Days Preschool Day Nursery

Coulman Bungalow, Church Balk, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8 5BU

Happy Days Community Childcare has places available for its 24 place Preschool Day Nursery.

Happy Days Community Childcare is an Ofsted registered, family run, non-profit making childcare provision.  We offer a full range of flexible child care, in the form of a Breakfast Club, After School Club and Holiday Club. Opening at 7am and closing at 6pm, for children aged 3 to 13 years, in a safe, happy, stimulating and relaxed environment.

Bookings and Enquiries to 07432 482737


Hoglets Daycare and Forest School

Austerfield 07588 889427

“The staff are fantastic, caring and compassionate. They have been massively supportive of our family with both parents being key workers during the pandemic. We are able to leave our two children without any worries. The forest school and outdoor activities are amazing and our children have thrived in this environment. Can’t recommend enough.” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Holly Grove Childcare

St Wilfrids Road, DN4 6AB 07766 243243

“The children truly are the heart of everything they do. The girls make the children and parents happy from day one. It shows how great they are when my child doesn’t want to come home when I pick them up.” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Jumping Jacks Nursery

159 Doncaster Road, Doncaster DN3, 2QE

01302 890534

“They are great with my children and are regularly changing the facilities available to aid children’s development. They have been marvellous in supporting children and families by putting new procedures in place since the 1st June 2020. All the staff do a wonderful job. I’m glad my children attending that setting.” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Loversall Farm Day Nursery

The Courtyard Loversall Farm, Doncaster DN11 9DD  01302 311000
“They provide a wholesome nursery environment with lots of outdoor play and great meals for the little ones. Each and every member of staff is superb and the management is spot on. ” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Making Friends Day Nursery

158 Marshland Rd, Moorends, Doncaster DN8 4SB,  01405 947370
“They go above and beyond to create fabulous childcare and support young children” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Mexborough Day Nursery

Adwick Road Surgery, 24 Adwick Rd, Mexborough S64 0DB 01709 252090
” My daughter has attended ever since she was 7 months old and her care at every stage has been so responsive to what she needs. The service is really personal and friendly and we couldn’t do without them” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Mrs Doubtfires


“They learnt sign language to communicate with my son when he first started going. For no other reason than to be able to talk with him, keep him included and just being lovely”


Paskals Day Nursery

6 Farnley Rd, Doncaster DN4 8TS 07786 038021

“Wonderful staff giving the highest standard of care to the children” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Pollywiggle Day Nursery

Mexborough Children’s Centre, Wath Road, Mexborough, Rotherham, S64 9ED Tel: 01709 589074

Adwick Family Hub, Central Avenue, Woodlands, Doncaster DN6 7RU Tel: 07958 405911

“Great team, lovely environment and setting for 2-5 years” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

Racing Start Pre-school and Nursery

Opened in January 2019, this is a new nursery in Doncaster.

Age 0-5 years, they have a range of rooms available.

Ardeen Road, Doncaster, DN2 5EU

01302 802220

Red Balloon Nursery & Pre School

Day Nursery & Pre-School for children aged 0-8 Years Old in Bawtry and Thorne

68 Doncaster Road, Bawtry, South Yorkshire, DN10 6NU
01302 714 589

Small World Day Nursery

Childcare provision for children between the ages of 0-5 years.

Townend Farm, 70 High Street, Hatfield, Doncaster, DN7 6RY,  01302 844485

“For getting through big changes from the end of last year to this year. A lot of changes have been made which makes the nursery safer for children. The children enjoy going to nursery and there is always new activities for them to do. They bring crafts home which is nice to see” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination

St Aidans Day Nursery

Wheatley Hills

” Great management, fantastic staff! My child has been there for a few years after having to leave another nursery due to certain issues. I would absolutely not leave my children with anyone other than them. Baby room staff especially caring and professional, Lindsey, Emma, Laura and Anna” Doncaster Mumbler Awards 2020 nomination


Toybox Day Nursery

34 Goodison Blvd, Doncaster DN4 6BX