Award Categories

Mumblers' Favourite Children's Retailer sponsored by Lakeside Village

Who is your favourite Children's shop? This may be an independent shoe shop, clothes shop, toy shop, sweet shop or even a kiosk or stall. We want to know who is the best at retailing to the children's market. Have they dealt with challenging toddlers well or gone above and beyond when sourcing an item? This is your chance to let them know what you think.

Mumblers' Favourite Day Nursery/Pre-School sponsored by Families Information Services

Trusting someone else to take care of your children is a difficult decision to make however we regularly hear from Mumblers just how great the childcare provision in our area is. This category is to celebrate the nursery/pre-school that Mumblers love the most. Should your nominated nursery be part of a multiple provider, please ensure that you specify the location of the nursery/pre-school and its name, rather than just stating the group to which it belongs.

Mumblers' Favourite Class or Activity sponsored by Get Doncaster Moving

We are very fortunate in our area that there are so many classes and activities for children. Does your child enjoy a specific sports class, movement and dance, music and singing, craft or anything else? We want to know which class is your favourite and which one keeps your child interested and involved.

"Eating out with the Kids" sponsored by The Wool Market Doncaster

This category recognises that there are many places where you can eat out with the kids. Pubs, restaurants, cafes, children centres, gyms and many more, if they can provide refreshments for families we want to hear about it.

Mumblers' Favourite Party Provider

We have all been to countless children's parties but some are head and shoulders above the rest. In this category you can tell us which ones have been the most memorable. It may be a venue, a company or an individual who has really made your child's big day special.

Teacher/Child Practitioner of the Year sponsored by Cirque

This award recognizes the efforts of an individual who has really made a difference. It may be a teacher or TA, a member of staff at a nursery; and this is your opportunity to say "thank you" for their efforts. Please make sure that you include a full explanation on the nomination form.

Mumbers Favourite Children’s Attraction/Day Out sponsored by Visit Doncaster

We have so many amazing attractions and days out in Doncaster. Let us know your favourite! This may be a soft play area, a garden or museum, a playground, farm or anywhere else you like to take your family for a trip out. Tell us what you love about it and why it's your favourite.

Childminder/Nanny of the year

This award recognises the efforts of an individual who has really made a difference as a nanny or childminder. For those who need the flexibility of a nanny or childminder they can really make a difference. This is your opportunity to say "thank you" for their efforts. Please make sure that you include a full explanation on the nomination form as the winner in this category will be voted by a panel of Mumbler judges.

Ante-natal/post-natal support worker or volunteer of the year sponsored by Family Hubs

This award recognises those individuals who help really make that difference both pre and post natal. These can be midwives, health visitors, doulas, social workers, and volunteers who have made an impact on your pre and post natal journey.

Healthy and Active Kids Award sponsored by Doncaster - Official host of the Rugby League World Cup 2021

This award celebrates those individuals and companies who really contribute to helping our kids live a healthier and more active lifestyle. In a world where our children are the least active generation in history, this award really recognises those who are trying to encourage physical exercise and healthy eating.