Raising Holmes

Hi, we are the Holmes family. 

Together we are Raising Holmes – our aim is to help families have the best travel experiences and become more sustainable as they go.

We have a passion for exploring the world around us – whether that is at home or abroad.

Raising Holmes

We want you to feel the same excitement for travel that we do and to explore your world with your children. The best things is that you can play your part in looking after our world at the same time!

We provide resources, information and inspiration to help you plan your family travels and to also help you become more sustainable travellers too. 

Together we can make a big difference for our planet!

Visit our website where you can access our free printables,  see the full list of virtual travel tours for families, learn how to become more sustainable as a family and find out how to make the most out of your family holiday BEFORE you go!

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