Supanova Studios

Did you know there is a professional recording studio in Doncaster?

Supanova Studios are currently reopen for pre booked recording sessions/band and solo rehearsals/dance rehersals and drum practice sessions.

So if lockdown has produced a new musical star in your household, book in to give them an experience they won’t forget!

Social guidelines are in place and all equipment and rooms are sanitised after each session.

To book call 01302 836686 or book online

Popstar Parties

If you’re thinking ahead and when it is safe to do so,¬† Supanova Studios offer Popstar Parties!

Your popsters record three songs in the professional recording studio, before dancing their hearts out at the disco. Whilst they dance, the producer will be mixing their tracks and at the end of the party each singing guest will be presented with a personal CD of their recording. Each party lasts for 2 hours.

Find out more about Popstar Parties 



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