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Are you aware of flouride varnish?

According to Public Health, lots of children in Doncaster show signs of tooth decay. In fact roughly 1/3 of all of our children. Not all parents/carers are aware of flouride varnish, which is one way we can help to protect our children’s teeth. Flouride varnish can be applied to both baby teeth and adult teeth…

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Family learning courses

As it’s International Literacy Day today, I thought I would have a look at the support offered to families in Doncaster. I’m a parent of a Reception and Year 2 child and my daughter proudly taught me what a ‘split diagraph’ was last year…things have changed since I was at school! Maths too was a bit…

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Back to School: Packed Lunch Inspiration

My children will be having school dinners this year  – they’re free until they go in to Year 3 at our school, so I figure they might as well have a cooked meal! We did have a brief spell of taking a packed lunch last year though, so I have no idea how long the…

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